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biomass projects

Projects of one Megawatt under commissioning in the north of Greece. The projects will use wood chips and cacao husk as a combustible to produce electricity for over 7000 hours per year. All electricity generated to be sold to the grid under a long term contract for 20 years.

About Biomass Gasification

Biomass gasification is basically conversion of solid fuels (wood/ wood-waste, agricultural residues etc.) into a combustible gas mixture normally called Producer Gas. The process is typically used for various biomass materials and it involves partial combustion of such biomass Partial combustion process occurs when air supply (O2) is less than adequate for the complete combustion of biomass.

The advantages of gasification are: It converts a traditional low quality fuel that is inconvenient to use into high quality, convenient, combustible gaseous fuel. Such conversion is at relatively very high efficiencies and results in total convenience and process control. Almost all environment pollution associated with biomass use can be eliminated. It is environment-friendly and reduces the threat of global warming. Both initial investment and also the cost of energy/ power production are just about the lowest amongst all known alternatives as it is based on locally available resources with reasonable price stability.

As this is a renewable technology, there are a number of incentives available from the governments. Gasifiers are eligible for Carbon Credits under the Clean Development Mechanism and the rising cost of these credits could make the paybacks for the system much faster.

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Important information

All projects are built according to international standards, we only use internationally renown EPC contractors. We require from our EPC contractors bank guarantees for the first 2 years of production. Our local teams supervises the direction of works.The modules we choose are all guaranteed for 25 years, with a maximum loss in production of 15% over the life of the module. Our team provides inspection before installation.